24 Hour Locksmith Brantford

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24 Hour Locksmith Brantford has been serving the Brantford area for a long time, and has provided service to the for over 15 years. Way back then, we provided mostly car door unlocking service.  However, we now provide full service 24 hour locksmith service.  Given that many of our customers are in emergency locksmith situations, we are structured so that we can provide fast service when you need us most.

Brantford Lock and Key provides automotive locksmith service, residential locksmith service and commercial locksmith service to the Brantford city and the surroundings.

From the beginning, 24 Hour Locksmith Brantford made it a point to give back to the community.  Our flagship community service, our Emergency Door Unlock (EDU) program, has helped many Brantford residents.

If you need a locksmith in the Brantford area, please call Brantford Lock and Key, your trusted 24 Hour locksmith Brantford at 226-400-1923.

24 Hour Locksmith Brantford

24 Hour Locksmith Brantford

Ever since the first day we started doing business in the Brantford area, our company has focused on giving back to the community.  One of our flagship programs is our Emergency Door Unlock Program (EDU) which is a service we offer where we will give FREE emergency locksmith service whenever anyone’s life is in danger — particularly the life of a child.  We offer this service to the entire Brantford area. We offer this service as the leading 24 hour emergency locksmith to all residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — DAY or NIGHT!

When our customers learn about this valuable program we offer, their first reaction is usually “Why would anyone leave their child locked in the car.  That would never happen to me!”.  Unfortunately, emergency lockout situations occur much more frequently than we’d like to think. Many times a parent is juggling two or more children, and after securing an infant in the car seat, another child closes the door to be helpful but accidental locks the infant in the car.  Or instead of the child closing the door, a big gust of wind closes it.  Regardless, at that moment in time a child’s life is in danger and a locksmith emergency is upon us!

Fortunately, 24 Hour Locksmith Brantford has been providing this FREE 24 hour emergency lockout service to the residents for years.  Many people are shocked to discover that we have provided thousands of emergency door unlocks during this time in the Brantford area alone. We provide both emergency car lockout service and emergency home lockout service since children can get locked inside their home too.

Should you accidentally lock your child in the car or your home, please follow the below procedures to rescue your child:

  • Call 9-1-1
  • Call 24 Hour Locksmith Brantford (local first responders will usually show up too and dispatch us)


24 Hour Locksmith Brantford

24 Hour Locksmith Brantford

One of the important things to remember is that it helps to have a good 24 hour emergency locksmith contact information handy.  Please keep our contact information ready.  Post a sticker in your car and keep us in your phone, PDA, or organizer.  Hopefully you have a Brantford locksmith keychain.  You should also keep this information in your purse or wallet and not just attached to your keys.  In an emergency locksmith situation, typically you’ll be panicking so having this information ahead of time will help considerably.

As your leading Brantford 24 hour emergency locksmith, we take great pride in serving you well.  For over 15 years we have provided emergency door unlock services to the Brantford community.  We look forward to continuing to serve the community well.